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Startup Consult

150,00 ex BTW / VAT (21%)

Pricing / Features / FAQ

Startup Consult

Know what you need to get started

Find out

In a consult of 60 minutes you will get inspired to find out what you really need to get started.

€ 150,-

All prices are ex 21% VAT

What does a consult mean?

A consult is basically an advisory meeting with one of our experts in the field and also a scan of you, your goals and your project or business. 

Is a consult something for me?

Our consult service is a perfect fit for starters, entrepreneurs or initiators that want to invest in their personal and/or business development using a stage gated process focused on quality and what they really need in order to reach their goals.

It's also perfectly fine if you want to book the consult to quickly test your ideas, an opportunity or change in the market you're in or if you want to test the needs or questions of your (potential) customers.

People with no ambition (yet) to start their own business are more than welcome as well. Our service will get people started, so also when you're being a student or currently in a job. We also use our methods & tools and entrepreneurial mindset in order to reach progress and get to results in research and/or innovation projects.

Last but not least, sure you can just book a consult just to see and find out what we are all about.

Why is having a consult the right choice for me?

This provides us both with the opportunity to get to know each other and to inspire you to get started or find out what you really need to get started.

We say inspire you on purpose because we want you to decide which way to go with your project or business. When you feel ready to move forward, you can choose one of the other services preferred or needed.

We ensure you the consult is the right fit for as well people with just an idea, desire, purpose or vision or already up and running as (potential) entrepreneurs.

We invest in people and their concepts or businesses using a stage gated process. You can step in at anytime and the services will be adjusted to your preferences and current situation or needs.

What will we do in the 30 - 60 minutes of consultation?

We get to know each other and and go out of our way to inspire you to find out what you really need to get started.

After we decide if we're both willing and able to proceed to work with each other in order to reach your personal and/or business goals.

Depending on the complexity of your project, goals, current or preferred situation you can decide to end up with either 30 or up to 60 minutes of consultation. Note that we will have to end the session when we're running out of time even when we're having a fruitful chat because other people booked as well.

Is a consult a one time service or the start of more?

That of course depends on what you want and need. For now, you book a one time consult with us. After, we both decide if and how to proceed and negotiate about new terms that perfectly fit your needs if so. The whole journey starts at € 125 ex VAT a month.

What can we offer after one of the consults?

We can help you to reach your personal and/or business goals using our knowdedge and experience in Concept Development, Business Development and Customer Development.

This either means we can coach, advice or help you to stay on track and in control of your progress, often supported by our methods and tools.

This also means we can help you with the proposition of your business, or for example creating the website, design, copywriting and other marketing or communications related services.

Last but not least we can help you to find people that will guide or help you to grow your project or business the way you prefer to.

How does the booking and payment process work?

In order to book your consult you will pay € 75 ex VAT for 60 minutes of consultation. You can select your preferred date and timeslot in the booking progress. After your payment is made, the date and time are set. We will both receive a confirmation of your payment and booking when being fulfilled. After that, we love to see you back on the selected date and time!

Is this a fixed service or tailor made?

We use our fixed format in order to inspire you and get you started. This is also to get to a result in the timeslot you booked and paid for. Of course every project, person, need or situation is different and we will go out of our way to help you to get started.

In practise this will also mean every service or consult is tailor made. It's just a way of perspective. We will help you to generate answers to the questions you have and make sure you feel inspired to solve your challenges.

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