Personal Entrepreneurial
Development Program.

Go on a full entrepreneurial development track taking you from beginning
to launch while working hands-on your personal founder to business fit.

Tailor-made to your journey.

You'll get practically started, we'll help you on your way.

You'll be setting the pace, and you'll stay in control.

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PED Program

Push the button to enroll. We turn you on and get you into business.
€ 795,- excl BTW / VAT

Personal Entrepreneurial Development Program

Go on a full entrepreneurial development track where we take you from beginning to launch, tailor made to your journey.

You are in control

Receive support as you set the pace to (re)launch your business.

Made for your journey

Entrepreneurial development track to take you from beginning to launch.

We will give it to you straight

We value your time and effort and keep it to the essentials.

Committed to your success

Our goal is to develop you in to your best self to take on this startup journey.

We help you along the way

With the advice, resources, and tools that you really need.

Own your success

We don’t take shares in your business. Ownership firmly stays with you.

Still, thinking about it?

We understand, here are some of our stories of what it was like for us to start up. Please feel free to get in touch with us by booking  a 15-minute call or leave us your details below, and we'll mail you back with more info.


Can Starters Station help me?
No matter where you are in your startup journey (a student, starter, restarter) – we can help guide you into finding a proven framework that works for you.
What is a consult?
A consult is an advisory meeting with one of our experts, a scan of you, your goals, and your project or business.
Which package is right for me?

Depends on your goal – if you want to chat and get inspired while getting an outline for your next steps, 'Get Ignited' is right for you.

If you are a Do-It-Yourself type who is looking for someone to check and validate your idea while you move forward in your (re)startup journey – then our 'PED Program' is your best fit.

However, if you want to Do-It-Together with the full support of a startup expert who makes a detailed strategy for your business to succeed while checking in at crucial moments – then 'Deep Dive' is for you.

We are flexible – if you decide you need more help along the way, then upgrade your package by just settling the difference in pricing with us.


Take advantage of the knowledge of a group of experienced starters who have learned by doing (failing and succeeding). Increase your chance of success by becoming more entrepreneurial while starting up your new business.

Starters Station

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