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This is where you start in business

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? And you don’t know where to start? Then search no more, you’re in the right place. We developed a program bringing better understanding and clear vision to you, your goals and your ideas.

Concept Toolkit

All the resources are in house to let you develop your idea & take it to the market.

Business Coaching

Work with experienced business mentors that help you focus and take the next step.

Goal Control

Only focused on what you really need in the current stage to reach your business goals.

Get started for real

At Starters Station, our leading experts from different fields will help you and your business and provide with tools, knowledge, and network of like-minded individuals to get YOU started the right way!

Our promises


Getting YOU Started

We will inspire and help you to move from an idea to execution.


Staying in control

You will stay focused on what you really need to get started.


Getting the resources

You get connected to methods and tools to use to become profitable.

Let’s get started!

At the first pre-acceleration station in world -Starters Station- you will find everything you need to achieve maximum results with minimal resources. From the development and realization of your product or service to communication, sales and (crowd)funding.


Startup Consult

Know what you need to get started

Find out

In a consult of 60 minutes you will get inspired to find out what you really need to get started.

€ 75,-

All prices are ex 21% VAT

Check out the full description here

Success at
Starters Station

With a proven method you effectively work on the realization of your idea or concept, supported by experienced starters who know how to get and keep moving and in control of your business.


Refuel energy & inspiration

You’ll determine the course to the success of you and your company.


Use a proven method

You’ll effectively work on the realization of your idea or concept.


Get supported by experts

We’re backing you in order to get & keep you moving and stay in control.

The formula

Everything we do we do lean and effective. We realize maximum results with minimum resources, adding value in an entrepreneurial manner. Tailored to the current stage of your business, goals and need. Therefore we work together closely with in-house partners in order to get things done.


Starters Station started as a collaboration of a group of entrepreneurial minds (who have been successful and f*cked up as well) to support and help people with their idea for real. These people have a shared passion; starting up and getting people and their businesses (re)started.


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