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Written by: Tom Zonneveld

In order to let your talent flourish and use it as well as possible, we want you to really stay close to yourself from now on, by giving yourself your quality time. And by this we do not mean your left-over time. In this article we describe in 5 bullets how you can stay true to yourself and how you will gain that experience in an area that suits your quality and personality, in order to not  drain your energy but continue to follow that exact flow and force of energy you have been following (already). Long story short: Talent needs experience, by trying, reflecting and continuing to learn. Your time is your most valuable asset. Keep it that way and keep seeing it like that.

1. Know what you are good at, create your awareness.
What are your strengths, motives, expertise and experiences? Difficult question, we recognize it. We make it simple for you, do you know what your goals are? And what do you do to manage and pursue these on a daily basis? No, this is not like your former type of education that will ask you about your personal development plan that you fill in because you have to (and don’t forget your logbook? Just kidding!). This is your incentive to pursue the best distinctive character you can create by just being yourself and by staying true to yourself. You are already unique, but make sure you know what this means. But how do I find this out? Well, the biggest competition you have is often yourself. You have goals, everyone has goals, or at least a quest for his or her purpose in life. Above all, put your focus on that. By trying and learning while pursuing your goals, you will get the experience you need to (continuously) test your strengths and motives. Are you not sure yet? Make sure you continuously bump into people and initiatives. Even if only to find out what you do not want to do in life.

2. Show yourself and just start moving.
It’s all about the people (again). Do others also know exactly what you are doing? And for what exactly do they need you for? Do you know what your role is in a group? When do you stand out and when do they ask you to cooperate? Do others know what drives you crazy (in a good way)? These are important questions to answer for yourself. Or simpler: let others answer it for you. You will be amazed by the feedback you get. The good and the bad. The moral is that you do not show yourself by just spreading the message, but by reflecting, starting the dialogue, putting yourself in the right place and above all that you do not make it too difficult for yourself. Nobody likes difficult things. You already show yourself by getting somewhere, so don’t sit still.

3. Keep developing, every single day.
Challenge yourself to keep improving, learning from feedback and experiments. It doesn’t all have to work out eventually, and what does work is no guarantee of continued success. The world is moving so fast. You may be busy today with something that is relevant and praised, but tomorrow it may be forgotten (as a figure of speech). Be adaptive; make sure you can adapt directly to your environment. Keeping up with a certain flow is essential, anticipation is a gift you can work on. But how do you lead the way? Does everyone have to be a visionary? No of course not, as far as we are concerned, a good tip is to always watch and listen to others; others who inspire you, whom you look up to, with whom you would like to collaborate. Start with doing just that and document what this does to you, you will automatically see change and improvement. And otherwise: by simply trying you keep doing and learning. Essential is not to dwell on your development and in any case to know which direction you ultimately do not want to go, as we have mentioned more often (and we will continue to experience and name it).

4. Stop unnecessary pressure and deadlines.
Hey, that’s how it went from the time I was at school and especially in “real” work life. Well, not anymore. The only one to whom you have to give accountability to is you. Our advice? Set goals and don’t run after deadlines. So, what is it you really want? Happiness, money, time for yourself and your family? We don’t care, as long as you don’t succumb to the pressure. Happy and healthy along the way is our motto. Time is your most valuable asset. So, make sure it stays yours. Freedom is joy, purpose is pleasure, and so on. Make up a nice one-liner yourself. And of course, you want to perform and sometimes pressure is good to achieve a result. But is this sustainable due to more pressure versus less time? Or maybe something will come off when you take more time (for yourself) so that you can perform, enjoy and compensate your development points (even if things are going well). Which also starts with taking the time to recognize that there are things that could be improved. Otherwise you just keep going on and on forever. Are you still aware of the things you might not be very good or efficient at somewhere along the way? Or do you keep spilling energy? You can’t do everything, it doesn’t matter. But do you make sure that you also try something different, or at least are open to other perspectives? For example, do you ensure that you (again) seek contact and cooperation with others? You cannot do it alone and you can learn from just looking at others. And what if it doesn’t go well? Don’t look for guilt or pity, but for time to learn and find that positive twist or new energy in it. Time is completely yours from now on, remember? Keep holding on to that.

5. Go where your talent can flourish, be in charge.
It’s nice to go with the flow, but of course! Do you take on your responsibilities along the way? And do you also reward yourself by mainly doing things you really believe in? Are you also sure that you are not too romantic? Don’t just put yourself in the right place, but also your common sense. Yes nice, but what exactly does this mean? And what if you do not (yet) know what your talents are? Or how you can use your time most effectively and efficiently? Well you know what? Score a 6 (a C) every day. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. But it was about talents, didn’t they always score? The reasoning is simple. A 6 (a C) ensures that you do exactly what is necessary to get the result or to get there where you want to end up. Nice that you want to score an 8 (B+), but does that go on the wall in your entrepreneurial diploma? Or is your mother only satisfied when you score that grade like back in the days? You decide, but as far as we are concerned the next phase will come again and perhaps everything will be different. Of course, you should not score a 6 (a C) at your customers, but a 6 (a C) in this case stands for doing exactly what is necessary to take the next step. It is also about instant gratification from what you do. If you ask us, satisfaction and gratification is not always about achieving the maximum of results, but often about creating space for balance. Space to develop and add value in an entrepreneurial way, because everyone can contribute to lasting progress in an entrepreneurial way. At Starters Station, we contribute to making this lasting progress for starters. Start your journey of progress today.

PS: I wrote this from my own experience. An experience full of mistakes, failures, trial and error that has made me who I am today. Can you agree with this? I would like to hear if you have any additions or suggestions!

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Tom Zonneveld

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