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We want to impact one billion lives
We want to impact one life…
yours starting today…

Written by: Arthur van de Graaf

Let’s jump right into one of the lessons learned from Stephen Covey. It’s a golden oldy, however still worthwhile looking into. You can find it by reading the book or scanning through some YouTube videos of people rechewing the original content. 

Stephen mentions a few characteristics, like humility, courage, and modesty, that come with character, versus personality ethics that may come across as fake. Personality ethics focuses more on creating your image, while character ethics focuses on your actions that impact others. Character ethics lead to success and happiness, which is where we believe greatness starts. 

Greatness does not start with a bold statement that you want to impact a kazillion lives (why not a kazillion if you can affect a billion?!). Greatness begins by doing the one thing that matters. 

A great example is Stichting Ambulance Wens, founded by Kees Veldboer. On the website, you have to really search for his name as it is the last name mentioned on the list. Talk about modesty. His mission became clear to him while working in the ambulance services. While transporting an immobile and terminal patient to the hospital, the patient told Kees he used to work on the water. Since Kees had some time left, he stopped the ambulance at the bay and took the man outside to look at the harbor. Later he organized a trip for the man to go out on the water one last time. Kees made this patient’s last wish possible, and he has been doing that ever since, over 15.000 times in total, together with 270 volunteers. 

Another example is from a couple of weeks ago, we were in a strategy session with someone who wanted to get some ventilators to fight COVID-19 in his home country. While working on creating something that would impact everything and everyone in a positive manner, we felt things were getting more and more complicated, which moved him further from his original cause. It took some effort, but eventually, we got him back, with his feet on the ground. The first impact he is going, for now, is saving one life first.

The last example is of a great athlete from South Korea. We supported him in his mission to make suicide in his home country something young people could talk about to prevent it. He was working on an impressive organization that worked with the biggest DJ’s, athletes, and so on. Asking him what would be the most fulfilling thing for him at that moment, he said, saving one youngster’s life. 

Let’s be completely serious about something. In the end, nobody gives a shit about your image. Your actions matter to the people that care the most. If you really want to build your appearance and look great, start with building your character and impact one life at the time. If you want to create a lasting business, start with doing the same, start fulfilling your customers’ real needs, one customer at the time. 

At Starters Station, we want to impact one life at a time by working with starters who want to (re)start their entrepreneurial journey by adding value, which leads to rewarding and real progress. This journey begins with one question, who’s life do you want to impact starting today?

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No matter where you are in your startup journey (a student, starter, restarter) – we can help guide you into finding a proven framework that works for you.
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A consult is an advisory meeting with one of our experts, a scan of you, your goals, and your project or business.
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Depends on your goal – if you want to chat and get inspired while getting an outline for your next steps, Get Ignited is right for you.

If you are a Do-It-Yourself type who is looking for someone to check and validate your idea while you move forward in your (re)startup journey – then Get Started is your best fit.

However, if you want to Do-It-Together with the full support of a startup expert who makes a detailed strategy for your business to succeed while checking in at crucial moments – then Deep Dive is for you.

We are flexible – if you decide you need more help along the way, then upgrade your package by just paying the difference.


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