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We're here for you, check out some of our stories of what it was like for us to start up. You can also use the quick links below to get through our 'good to know' overview. Or just get in touch with us by booking a free 15-minute call.

Good to know

Feeling uncomfortable
At any time when you start feeling uncomfortable, ENJOY THE MOMENT! Feeling uncomfortable will make you resourceful. A few months or even weeks from now, you will start feeling comfortable in uncomfortable situations. This is where you grow.
Asking for help
At any time you can call for our help, you can use this at Starters Station. We are open almost 24 x 7. We might be serving other travelers as well in that case we will get back with you asap because we need to keep you moving.
Learning by doing

We want you to start feeling comfortable with starting and learning by doing. For that reason, we will ask you to do something first before we explain why and how. We believe that by exploring first and getting the instructions later, you will be better capable of becoming creative. That creativity you will need to do something different than others are or have been doing already.


Decelerating will give you time to listen, especially to yourself. In some cases we really need to switch of the auto-pilot and get you back in control. By our step by step approach you will increase the chance of success and minimize the consequences of failing. Decelerating and taking smaller step does not mean slowing down or lowering your ambition.

By the way… in case you have already failed before, CONGRATS! You have done something you were not capable of (yet). If you have never failed… just wonder if you have really tried everything to use your true potential?

Reaching your potential

Do we want you to reach your potential?
No, we don’t, because our expectations don’t matter for the ambitions you have and will have in the near future.

We want you to be clear about your own expectations. We believe that you have been living up to expectations of others for too long already. We don’t want you to start-up a start-up or scale-up a scale-up for anyone but yourself.

If your ambition is to make handmade to order scissors and sell it to people who appreciate craftmanship, go for it. You don’t need to become the leading scissors factory in the world. Cut that crap!

Making mistakes

Do we want you to make mistakes?

Yes … and you will. Because learning to ride a bike comes with falling. Being afraid of falling it’s pretty hard to learn to ride a bike.

Ps: You can always share your failures at the Fuckup Nights we are organizing. These Fuckup Nights are being organized all over the world. We host these Fuckup Nights in The Hague, The Netherlands where we are located. Since we are frequent starters we are frequent speakers at this events as well, sharing our own fuck-ups. Failing does not and will never feel comfortable. Sharing failures has a cleansing and healing effect.

With this e-learning we will increase the chance of success and decrease the consequences of failure.

Learning from others

Successful entrepreneurs have learned from other successful as well as unsuccessful entrepreneurs. Some try to learn from mentors who have learned from others doing the hard work and writing books about it. For us these mentors are guides guiding you while constantly looking in the rearview mirror, sharing a message on repeat, like a teabag used too many times. Yup, accidents bound to happen. Before we know it… we will end up doing the same as the author of a diet book ending up telling you in the last module what the first step is we want you to take.

Don't worry, we won't. We maintain focus on you taking the step(s) you need so that you actually start, and we'll introduce ourselves further to you, during our PED E-Learning Modules.

Feel free to also check out our free Blogs when you're in need of a little sitback, having a read or to boost your thinking time, for example about Learning from others and staying true to yourself.

Take advantage of the knowledge of a group of experienced starters who have learned by doing (failing and succeeding). Increase your chance of success by becoming more entrepreneurial while starting up your new business.

Starters Station

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