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This is where you start in business

For Starters – Getting started in business
Starters Station focusses on the development of starters, business concepts and the effective distribution of resources to get traction and create an impact. We provide the support to facilitate progress and create lasting successful businesses​.

Let’s get started

All you want to know when getting started

We're serving YOU

as a distribution platform for entrepreneurs

What we do?

We provide you with access to the necessary resources to really get started and take the next steps.

How we're doing that?

We break the steps to take down into efficient and effective steps and provide support to starters to achieve relevant goals, success and impact.
Check out the full getting started FAQ here

We start with DOING

and are all about taking action and working lean within an ecosystem for the greater good.

What we do?

We focus on businesses making real progress, impact and a positive return on investment.

How we're doing that?

We develop the talents, skills and concepts, and distribute available resources effectively.
Check out the full getting started FAQ here

We bridge the gap

between education and business, creating lasting businesses, innovations and impact.

What we're up to?

Increasing the number of successful entrepreneurs coming from education, the number of more mature and local starters entering acceleration programs and other competitions and challenges. Also, we’re contributing to innovation in SME’s and to the entrepreneurial skills of employees.
Check out the full getting started FAQ here

Meet Starters Station


Starters Station started as a collaboration of a group of entrepreneurial minds (who have been successful and f*cked up as well) to support and help people with their idea for real. These people have a shared passion; starting up and getting people and their businesses (re)started and making the start-up ecosystem more divers believing in the added value of diversity (gender, social, cultural and educational).

Success at
Starters Station

With a proven method you effectively work on the realization of your idea or concept, supported by experienced starters who know how to get and keep moving and stay in control of your business.

Most recent activities

Feel free to follow our adventures and most recent updates, we would definitely appreciate it!



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