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About Starters Station

At the Starters Station you refuel energy and inspiration and you determine the course to the success of you and your company. with a proven method you effectively work on the realization of your idea or concept, supported by experienced starters who know how to get and keep moving and in control of your business.

Get started for real.

StartersStation started as a collaboration of a group of entrepreneurial students, experienced (starting) entrepreneurs (who have been successful and f*cked-up as well) to support and help people with their idea for real.

We work together with experienced mentors in various accelerators and a handful of people coming from the corporate world and the world of traditional and alternative finance. 

These people have a shared passion; starting up and getting people and businesses (re)started.

Your success, is our duty.

Everything we do we do lean and effective. We realize maximum results with minimum resources, adding value in and entrepreneurial manner. Tailored to the current stage of your business, goals and need.

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